Hi, we are Compvision

Compvision was founded in 2003 by Avi Nir in order to help companies and organizations through the processes of business and organizational change. Compvision is one of Israel’s leading, longest-serving consultancies on Total Rewards, human capital management, measurement and performance improvement.

We at Compvision understand that the human capital is key to the success of companies and organizations in engineering significant business achievements. We know that the path to success and implementation of a business strategy passes through the design of a smart organizational strategy, defining management processes, creating measurement methodologies and developing a variety of appropriate solutions and tools to facilitate their implementation and progress.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of leading companies and organizations in all industries and sectors. We are proud to be our clients’ partners in promoting business success, managing and developing human capital and engineering organizational adaptations, all through diverse, creative solutions specifically tailored to each company.

Our solutions are based on the thorough understanding of market trends on the one hand, and of the business, organizational and personal circumstances of each client on the other hand. Our team, a leading group of experienced professionals, is here for you to support the process end-to-end. We start the process with a situation analysis, then present the data clearly, bring precision professional insights to the table and continue to the drawing of conclusions to build a workable solution that includes solutions to business challenges.

From our experience in the field, we understand that salaries are not merely numbers, data and tables. Salaries are a sensitive issue for all concerned – it’s money with emotions. We are well aware of the inherent sensitivity, complexity and challenges. We know how to propose and build solutions to deliver the winning combination of numbers and the construction of processes sensitive to the human factor.