Bringing Together Organizational and Business Success

Since 2003

תמונה דף ראשי יושבים על הספה

Bringing Together Organizational and Business Success

Since 2003

We are a leading consultancy specializing in the development of strategy, processes and tools in the fields of Total Rewards and human capital management

אייקון זכוכית מגדלת

Business Success

Improving performance and increasing motivation, compensation and benefits, efficiency and economy

אייקון אנשים

Organizational Growth

Improving competitiveness in employee recruitment and retention, organizational bonding, talent management and development

אייקון ניירות ועט

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with legal requirements regarding compensation in public-sector companies and in IPO and M&A processes

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Commitment, availability and thoroughness to the highest standard.
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Some of what Our Clients Say About Us

I have been a partner in Compvision's activities in 3 different public bodies for about 15 years. Thorough, professional work has always been done in a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere. The Consultants at Compvision have a deep understanding of the field and the joint work has been done with high professionalism. Compvision studied the organization and understood its DNA, and these led to creative solutions that were successfully implemented in practice to the satisfaction of the Office Holders, the Board of Directors and the Shareholders, including institutional bodies.
Miki Bar-Haim
Chairman of the Compensation Committee, Shufersal
What I remember about our joint work is the easy collaboration, even when there were differences in opinion, Compvision stayed committed to the best interests of the process and successful outcome. The joint effort was pleasant and easy going, both of my partners at Compvision were an excellent sounding board for ideas. I would recommend Compvision because of its boutique approach and very hands on consultation.
Naama Kushnir
COO, 888
The Consultants at Compvision bring to the table a broad range of professional knowledge, including knowledge of the market situation and the various options that can be applied. Working with them is done in a pleasant, rapid and completely discreet manner. With Compvision I know I have someone I can rely on in the most sensitive issues, at the highest levels and over time.
Zvika Fischeimer
, VP of Human Resources and Information Systems, Shufersal
The things I remember the most from our work with Compvision are the feeling of having a real collaboration partner, very high level of responsiveness and professionalism. We were able to rely on Compvsion’s opinions and recommendations when presenting to the Compensation Committee and Board, and due to Compvision’s outstanding reputation, our Board and Comp. Committee have confidence in their recommendations/findings. Compvision collaborates as a real partner and I recommend working with them because of its responsiveness, professionalism, reputation and overall work product and timeliness of work.
Phill Serlin
CEO, Bioline RX
The thing I remember most from working with Compvision is the professionalism, the in-depth knowledge of the field and meeting timetables. With Compvision there is pleasant and professional conduct, as well as the possibility to start a focused project in its first stage and from there to expand to other projects. Working with them is successful thanks to focused discussions, high availability, products at the highest level and without the need for "going backward and forwards ".
Barak Gur
COO, Blender
Working with Compvision combines practical thinking, flexibility, creativity and networking in the industry that helps achieve a relevant benchmark. I really liked the pleasant dynamics with the team, the chemistry created between us during the work, the ability to listen and be heard, to persuade and be persuaded - all of these are not trivial matters when working with consultants. Avi and the team are super professional, with extensive and varied experience in all tools and compensation mechanisms, in all types of industries and companies. Their strength is reflected in the translation of their extensive experience in designing models and creating decision-support tools that enable meaningful strategic discussion. The pleasant human relations, availability and service at the highest level, the professionalism and the networking - all of these did the job, literally!
Idan Hevion
Head of C&B, NSO

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