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אבי תמונה ראשונה אבי תמונה שניה

Avi Nir

Founder and CEO

Avi founded Compvision in 2003 and has headed it ever since. He is one of the most prominent leading experts in Israel on Total Rewards issues. In companies and organizations spanning a wide variety of industries and fields, Avi has successfully led hundreds of projects and processes.

Avi has extensive experience working across the entire organizational hierarchy and he is experienced in negotiating with regulatory authorities, institutional bodies and any other relevant entity.

Previously, Avi served as VP HR at 3 large companies – Orbotech, Sapiens and Applied Materials. He holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

קרן תמונה ראשונה קרן תמונה שניה

Keren Mangoubi

Deputy CEO

Keren joined Compvision in 2009, with about 15 years of experience in the entire spectrum of Total Rewards. Keren serves as the Company’s Vice President and Senior Consultant and has already led hundreds of complex projects related to Executive Compensation, designing compensation processes, performance-dependent compensation plans, equity compensation and more.

Previously, Keren dealt with compensation and benefits at a large telecommunications company. Keren holds a BA in Economics and Psychology from the University of Haifa and an MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the Technion.

גבי תמונה ראשונה גבי תמונה שניה

Gaby Shapiro

Senior consultant

Gaby joined Compvision in 2011. Gaby has over 15 years’ experience in Total Rewards in the public and private sector, with in-depth knowledge of the structure and policy of remuneration and benefits in Israel and worldwide, experience in specification and implementation of information systems in the field and leading remuneration processes.

Previously, Gaby served as a Compensation and Benefits Analyst at Amdocs and was the Head of the Payroll Programming Team at the IDF Payments Administration. Gaby has a BA in Management and Economics from the Open University, an MA in Economics from Tel Aviv University and is a WorldatWork® Certified Sales Compensation Professional®.

שלה תמונה ראשונה שלה תמונה שניה

Shela Yanko

VP Business Operation

Shela joined Compvision in 2012. She leads all the operational aspects of project management in the Company, is responsible for administration and finance issues, working with clients and suppliers. Besides that, she is in charge of employee welfare.

Shela has extensive experience in customer relations and office management in consulting companies and banks. She majored in Middle Eastern Studies and Human Resources.

שרון תמונה ראשונה שרון תמונה שניה

Sharon Ratzaby

Senior consultant

Sharon joined Compvision in 2013. Sharon has 15 years of varied experience in compensation and benefits – senior executive compensation, equity compensation, performance-based compensation, designing KPI systems and more. Sharon has accumulated considerable experience in leading operational processes and complex compensation plans for senior executives in large organizations, including cash and equity performance-based compensation.

Previously Sharon served as Analysis Team Manager and Planning and Control Analyst at a telecommunications company. He has a BA in Management from Ben-Gurion University.

יורי תמונה ראשונה יורי תמונה שניה

Yuriy Kneller


Yuri joined Compvision in 2018. Yuri has over 10 years of experience as an economist and analyst, specializing in designing economic models and project management. Yuri has gained extensive experience from a variety of compensation and benefits projects.

Previously, Yuri served as an Economist at the Hever Consumer Club and as Chief Economist at the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets. He has a BA in Economics and Management and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.

אלמוג תמונה ראשונה אלמוג תמונה שניה

Almog Yaakov

Senior comp & benefits analyst

Almog joined Compvision in 2017. Almog has over 10 years of experience as an economist and analyst in the field of budget control, compensation and benefits – senior executive compensation, equity compensation, performance-based compensation and extensive experience in operating compensation plans for senior executives in large organizations.

Previously, Almog served as Business Planning and Development Economist at HOT and 888. Almog has a BA in Economics and Management from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College.

יוכי1 יוכי3

Yochi Israel-Harel

Analyst and Knowledge Management

Yochi joined Compvision in 2021. Yochi has experience in assisting clients in a variety of compensation and benefits projects, organizational hierarchy, organizational development and hybrid work.

Previously, Yochi assisted clients in the set-up stages of their businesses, including market research processes, setting business goals and building resulting work plans. Yochi has an MA cum laude in Organizational Consulting and Development from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College, as well as a BA in Psychology and Special Education from Tel Hai College.

בוריס1 בוריס2

Boris Ladyzhinski

Compensation and Benefits Analyst

Boris joined Compvision in early 2021. Boris has versatile experience in the field of compensation and benefits – comparative analysis of senior executive compensation, equity compensation and building employee incentive programs.

Previously, Boris was an intern in the Tel Aviv and Central Region Chamber of Commerce Association in the International Relations Division and was involved in preparing business profiles for Israeli companies seeking partners overseas. He has a BA cum laude in Economics majoring in Accounting from the Open University.

אלון1 אלון2

Alon Skvirsky

Compensation and Benefits Analyst

Alon joined Compvision in 2021. Alon serves as a Compensation and Benefits Analyst and in this capacity he deals with compensation policy issues, senior executive compensation, terms of tenure and bonus programs.

Previously, Alon served as Treasurer at Menora Mivtachim, where he managed Cash Flow Management, foreign exchange transactions and payments to various enterprises, and running a computerized Treasury System. Alon has a BA in Economics, majoring in DataTech from the IDC Herzliya.

רונית 2 רונית 1

Ronit Kolodny

Office and Operations Manager

Ronit joined Compvision in 2023.

As part of her position, Ronit deals with the management of the office, administration and project and financial management support.

Ronit worked at the Herzliya municipality, where she served as a division secretary and training director in the human resources division.

Has about 20 years of experience in the field of administration and in a variety of management and training positions.


עמרי 1 עמרי 2

Omri Chiel

Compensation and Benefits analyst

Omri joined Compvision in 2022.

Omri serves as a salary and benefits analyst and as part of his role deals with a variety of issues including executive compensation, Equity compensation and the operation of bonus programs for large organizations.

Omri worked in the past in system implementation and technical support at ICL.

Omri graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management from Ben Gurion University.