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Salary  and remuneration policy , bonus programs, incentive plans, salary  updates (merit), Retention of key employees , employer positioning – if one or more of these, or any other salary  and remuneration issue is on your agenda – we are the place for you!

Over the years we have created thousands of programs and assisted over 450 (by May 2019) companies and organizations from almost every industry and  sector.

We will support you through the strategy  stage of defining the principles, through to individualized building of programs, processes and tools – and all this must be practical  for implementation in order for you to see the results in the field.

Furthermore, we will assist you by developing programs and by providing tools on complementary issues such as definition of objectives  and targets, performance management and also managing the organizational jobs & positions  set-up – from job definition through to titles’ setting and an organizational leveling structure.

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We all know that planning is not enough – the stage in which the program you have built goes live is no less important. We are there alongside our clients throughout the process of implementation and operation of the remuneration programs and everything that entails.

Whether it is a process of distributing bonuses, incentive payments to sales personnel, Equity Based Remuneration programs, or a salary  review and update process, we assume end-to-end responsibility for implementation and execution of the entire process while working closely with you.

After building the programs and specifying all the stages and components necessary for realizing them, we will work continuously hand-in-hand with you to ensure successful implementation. .

We will be there to enable you to rest assured, freeing you up for the other issues on your agenda. Furthermore, we will build and implement convenient tools, which will serve you in running the program in the long term.

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Whether you are a high-tech company or a traditional industrial corporation, whether you are in tele-communications or in finances, running large or small organizations – you are operating in the modern, competitive arena – trying to attract the attention of current and potential employees.

This is a competition not only for the hearts of the employees or of those talented individuals you are seeking to recruit. It is a battle for the hearts of their family members and the other circles which influence the employees’ perception of your company – whether as an attractive place to work in, or as a place they’d be better advised to avoid.

In this arena, the questions of salary and remuneration become ever more critical. It is not merely a question of whether to pay more or less, it is primarily a question of how you can correctly build and communicate the entire salary, remuneration and benefits  package you are offering your employees.

אייקון מצויר מטרה סביב דמות

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אייקון מצויר סימון דרך


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Compvision – A Journey To Business Success

We cover a broad range of issues every modern company and organization has to deal with.

Among the issues we specialize in: performance improvement, strengthening employees’ motivation and bonding with the company, communicating clear messages to the employees, transparency vis-a-vis the stockholders, regulatory compliance, reducing calculation errors, waste prevention, time saving, maximizing company value for potential buyers, enhancing company attractiveness to candidate employees, improving company competitiveness for key employees, etc.

Our team of professional experts is your partner to every move helping you to work with value-generating orderliness – both inwards and outwards.

why compvision?


It starts with uncompromising professionalism, passes through our total commitment toward our clients and their success, and reaches our exceptional service, which is really the exclusive domain of the very best.

When you work with us you really are in good hands. We bring (and keep!) the promise to lead you throughout the entire process you choose to embark on with us. We are a no-nonsense operator – actually delivering on our promises in the field.

Furthermore, we run stringent control processes ensuring your business information and data is protected. Every calculation we make undergoes a rigorous process of QA, virtually eliminating the chance of errors.

Our motto in this context is – zero mistakes. And to this end we do everything humanly possible to uphold this motto. For every project – with every client!

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