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אייקון מצויר מסמך מחובר לרשת

our story

We at Compvision understand that those companies, organizations and enterprises that forge ahead toward ever greater accomplishments, do so thanks to their leaders and people. We know that in order to realize the business strategy, it is necessary to map and put in place and develop precision management processes and plans enabling executives and employees to take the initiative, develop with the organization and accomplish exceptional results.
This concept has led us to develop, offer and implement a wide range of solutions based on the people themselves – because they are the ones able to drive processes, engineer progress and implement processes leading the organization toward success.

אבי ניר עובד על מצגת
אייקון מצויר מטרה סביב דמות


The numerous programs we offer our customers are based on research, mastery? of the variable market trends, in-depth knowledge of the content area and also precision tailoring for each customer. 
Our Customers are Always in the Center! We accomplish this through personalized attention and service, which is never less than outstanding, through building partnership-based fruitful relationships tailored to each customer, to precision tailoring of every process and solution to the situation.

In practice, we guarantee the highest possible level of availability, quick response to every call, attentiveness to needs and dilemmas and building suitable solutions, which will set our customers on their path toward accomplishing their goals. 

And at the end of the process – our final outputs are tailored to each customer according to the customer’s unique needs and characteristics.

יד מונחת על דפים
אייקון מצויר מפה עם מסלול


Our solutions are based on a broad understanding of the unique business, organizational and human circumstances of each customer. Our team, a group of highly-experienced, top-quality professionals, treats this process as the construction of a holistic solution – a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

We start out from analyzing the situation and relevant data, then move through presentation of the existing situation , we bring to the table our precision, professional insights and continue on to drawing conclusions and building an applicable solution – specifically addressing the challenges the business is facing. 

We are there not just to create the precision solution for our customers. We are there to assist in actually rolling out the program – through work plans, clear tasks, tracking the implementation and analysis of the results.

פגישת עבודה
אייקון מצויר מסמך מחובר לרשת


To all appearances, we are dealing here with a very “realistic” and “analytical” issue – it consists of numbers, formulae, tables and charts. Ostensibly these are all things which can be quantified and measured. Only on the face of it!

The issue of salarys and remuneration is highly emotive and sensitive – it makes no difference whatsoever whether these are employees taking home modest paychecks or senior executives, or key personnel earning handsome salarys.

This is always an issue which relates to questions like the sense of self-worth, myself compared with the others, myself relative to my expectations from myself, my sense of success, the value and contribution I am making to the organization, and more.

And in the eyes of the employees, it is always connected to concepts like: fairness, honesty, my employer’s investment in me the employee, market alternatives, and so forth.

And therefore – if you intend to address all these aspects of salarys and remuneration, you need to have an in-depth understanding of all these components. If you don’t – the result may be disappointing and detrimental to all parties concerned.